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web-design-tutorials42 pages
Web Design Tutorials - Learn HTML and CSS!
Free Comprehensive web design tutorials. Learn HTML, CSS, xml, and other web based technologies, including HTML5.
Comprehensive HTML5 Tutorials - Learn From The Ground Up!
Learn HTML5 from our comprehensive tutorials. HTML5 looks to extend web design concepts and functionality to new heights!
Free Comprehensive HTML Tutorials!
A Free Comprehensive HTML Reference. Learn about the HTML markup language and how it works!
Free Comprehensive CSS Tutorials - Learn Web Design Now!
Learn Web Design Now With Our Comprehensive CSS Tutorials! Check Out The New Functionalities OF CSS3.
Getting Started With XML - Learn Extensible Markup Language
What is Extensible Markup Language? Learn about XML and its Related Technologies.
So Your Site Supports Mobile, But Does it Support Hi-Res Monitors?
Here's why publishers shouldn't ignore hi-resolution monitors when developing their websites.
Innovative Web Design for Mobile Devices with Media Queries
Learn How CSS3 Media Queries are Changing How People Access the Mobile Web! Learn Techniques for Designing sites that Function on all Platforms
Adaptive Design With CSS3 Media Queries
Get Started With Media Queries in CSS! Learn Adaptive Design Techniques in CSS!
Get Started With HTML5 - The New Elements!
Learn about the new features of HTML5 including some of the new elements currently being implemented.
HTML Basics - Learn From The Ground Up!
Learn the basics of HTML and XHTML. Learn About Proper HTML Syntax, inlcuding Rules, Procedures, and Proper Implementation.
HTML vs. XHTML Syntax
Learn the differences between HTML and XHTML Syntax. A quick overview of proper markup procedures.
Implementing DOCTYPES in HTML
Learn how to properly declare Document Type Definitions in HTML documents.
Navigating HTML Directories
Learn how to properly navigate file and folder structures in HTML, and implementing directories using absolute and relative links.
Proper Formatting Procedures for HTML Documents
Learn about proper formatting procedures for HTML documents, including the proper implementation of doctypes, namespaces, and character encoding.
Working With Hyper Links in HTML
Learn various ways to work with hyper links and images in your HTML documents using relative and absolute linking.
Working With Images in HTML!
Learn various ways of linking and embedding images in webpages.
Working With Meta Tags in HTML
Learn about the function of meta tags in HTML documents, and how to properly reference character sets for your webpages.
Working With Frames in HTML - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Learn How To Work With Frames in Your HTML Documents.
HTML Character & Entity References
Learn How To Implement Special Characters in Your Webpages With Character and Entity References.
CSS Syntax - Get Started With Cascading Style Sheets!
Learn The Basics of CSS. Learn How to Create Effective Style Sheets With CSS.
Working With CSS Class and ID Selectors
Working With CSS Class and ID selectors in Your Webpages. Learn How To Properly Reference Elements in HTML With CSS.
Working With Webpage Backgrounds in CSS
Learn how to Manage the Background of Your Webpages With Adaptive CSS. Learn How To Embed Images n Your CSS Files!
Working With Fonts and Text in CSS
Learn the Various Ways to Implement Font Styles and Text in Your Webpages With CSS.
Positioning Elements in CSS
Learn About The Various Ways To Position Elements in CSS. We Cover The Aspects of Absolute, Relative, and Fixed Positioning.
Displaying Alternate Content With Media Queries
Use Media Queries To Display Alternate Content Such as Videos, Graphics, and alternate elements in Your Webpages.
Adaptive Web Design - Working With @import and @media
Explore Adaptive Web Design Practices With @media, @import, and Links in CSS
XML Syntax - Learn The Basic Structure of a Markup Language
Learn About The Basic Structural Design of a Markup Language in XML.
Declaring Document Type Declarations in XML
What is a DTD? Learn How to Properly Reference a Cocument Type Declaration in Your XML Files.
Declaring XML Rules and Properties with a DTD
Learn How To Create Valid XML Documents With a DTD.
Defining XML Attribute Properties - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Learn How To Declare Element Attribute and Their Corresponding Values in an XML Document.
Creating XML Style Sheets With CSS
Learn How To Define Styles For XML Based Webpages With CSS.
Working With Parsed and nonparsed Data in XML
What is Parsed and Non Parsed Character Data in an XML Document?
Working With Webpage Backgrounds in CSS - Part 2
Learn how to Manage the Background of Your Webpages! Learn the Basics of Background Positioning and Color Properties
Positioning Elements in CSS (Part 2)
Positioning ELements in CSS Based on Selectors. Working With Absolute, Relative, Fixed, and Inherited Positioning.
Adaptive Design With CSS3 Media Queries (Part2)
Adaptive Web Design With Media Queries. Working With @media and Spcifying Rules For Your Queries.
HTML Basics (Part 2) - Adding Basic Styles to Your Webpages!
Get started with creating basic styles for your webpages! Learn how inline styles work.
Proper Formatting Procedures for HTML Documents - (Part 2)
Learn about proper formatting procedures for HTML documents, including the proper implementation of doctypes, namespaces, and character encoding.
Working With Hyper Links in HTML - (Part 2)
Learn various ways to work with hyper links in HTML. Embed videos in HTML Documents.
Working With Meta Tags in HTML (Part 2)
Working with meta robots tags in HTML. Learn to specify indexing instructions and languages in your webpages.
Working With CSS Class and ID Selectors (Part 2)
Working with class and id selectors in CSS. Using Span to provide style formatting to certain content and elements your in web pages.
Working With Fonts and Text in CSS - Part 2
Setting Text Properties in CSS. Learn How to Properly Display Your Tectual Content in Webpages.
Adaptive Design With CSS3 Media Queries (Part 3)
CSS3 Media Queries - Linking To Style Sheets With @import. Creating Rules Based on Aspect Ratio.
guides-to-search-engine-optimization39 pages
Guides to Search Engine Optimization - PCTECHAUTHORITY
View our comprehensive list of guides for search engine optimization. Learn about good and bad SEO techniques and practices.
Why Page Rank isn't Dead and How You Can Still Benefit From it!
Here's why page rank is alive and well, and how it can still benefit you!
How Paid Marketing Efforts Can Affect Your Rank!
Here's why paid marketing efforts can have a strong influence on your rank!
Increase WordPress Site Speed 60% With 3 Simple Plugins!
Check out 3 great Wordpress plugins that can improve Wordpress site speed and performance!
Should You Use Link Building Services or Build Links at All?
Here's why you should never hire a link building service, and think twice before building links yourself!
A Few Web Publishing Tips For New Sites
A guide to helping new sites get indexed faster and perform better in organic search results.
Social Media and Its Influence on Ranking - PCTECHAUTHORITY
How does social media affect SEO and ranking in organic search engines?
Can You Outrank High Page Rank Websites?
Is it possible to out rank high page rank websites? It is, and here we're going to show you how!
What is Search Engine Optimization?
An indepth guide to understanding what search engine optimization is and how it works!
What You Need to Know About Paid Traffic!
Here's a few reasons why you may want to think twice about using paid traffic for your sites!
What is Considered Original Content in the Eyes of Google?
what you and search engines consider to be original content may actually be two completely different things!
SEO That Really Works!
When it comes to ranking on the web the game has changed! Find out why?
SEO – Why Keywords Alone No Longer Matter!
When it comes to SEO today, optimizing for keywords no longer matters!
SEO - Linking Strategies Explained
A Few Simple Link Building Strategies That Work! Why You Should Link Internally and Not Just Externally.
Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Website!
We Show You Some Simple Tactics You Can Use To Speed Up Your Webpages Loading Time.
How The Use of Graphics Can Make or Break You on The Web!
Despite the obvious need for a wider use of graphics in content publishing, many sites continue to ignore them!
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know!
Find out what to avoid when optimizing your websites for search engines and users. Learn about the pitfalls of improper SEO practices.
SEO - Dealing With Duplicate Content
Here we identify potential causes of duplicate content, and how to deal with them.
SEO - Working With Paginated Content
What is paginated content and how can you deal with it. Find out how Canonical links can solve problems with multipage articles and E-commerce sites.
Why Businesses Need To Educate Themselves on SEO!
This is why business entities on the web need to start learning SEO themselves!
Panda 4.1 and The Birth of a New Era in SEO
How Google Panda 4.1 marks the beginning of a new era in SEO where quality prevails over mere page rank.
SEO For Bloggers!
A few practical ways for bloggers to optmize their sites and content for better usability and search ranking!
Today Ranking is Partially Based on Productivity, and here's why!
When it comes to the web, no one likes outdated content. Here's how you can raise your rank by increasing productivity.
Why Search Engines Are ignoring Your Back Links!
So You've Been Building Back Links, But They Aren't Getting Counted For, Find Out Why!
What is PageRank and is it Really That Important?
A Discussion About What Pagerank is, How to Implement it, and How it Affects your websites and Corresponding Content
SEO - Optimizing Webpages With Proper Markup!
Learn how to optimize your webpages using proper HTML markup strategies. Learn about on page SEO.
Rel="Authority" - Revisiting Author Rank!
Is Author Rank real? Find out how Google Authorship can have profound effects on SEO and ranking!
Getting Started With Google+ Authorship - For Authors and Webmasters
Learn How Online Authors and Webmasters can Use the Power of Google+ to Build an Online Presence.
Getting Started With Google Webmaster Tools
We Guide You on How To Get Started With Webmaster Tools and Get Your New Sites Up and Running while Avoiding Problems early on.
Now Webmasters can use the Google Moderator page to ask Questions
Find out how webmasters can use Google's new moderator page to ask important questions about the worlds largest search engine.
Geotargeting Your Website With Google Webmaster Tools
Learn how to geotarget your websites to alternate countries using your subdomains or subfolders, with Google Webmaster Tools.
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 2
How deceptive internet markeing practices can hurt you in search.
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 3
Building backlinks and optimizing content for the web.
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 4
Here's some web publishing best practices, including the proper use of file name conventions.
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 5
Keeping page load times under control with static development of your website.
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 6
Ways to properly present your content on the page using HTML.
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 7
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 8
Search Engine Optimization - What You Need To Know! Part 9
tech-editorials77 pages
Explore current trends in information technology, online marketing, and social media! The latest tech news & reviews!
4 Years of Strategic Social Networking - Growing A Social Empire!
Strategic Social Networking celebrates 4 years of growing social strategies on the web!
Why I Still Have Faith in Google Plus!
Why its not the end of Google Plus! What both its community base and Google can do to revive it!
The Best and The Worst Social Networks!
Taking a closer look at some of the best and the worst social networks.
The Pros and Cons of Using Medium as A Publishing Platform
Is the content publishing platform Medium a viable alternative to Wordpress or CMS?
The Death of The Optical Digital Disk!
How emerging technological advancements with cloud storage and solid state media are bringing the optical disk to an end.
How To Fail At Social Media - PCTECHAUTHORITY!
A list of the many epic fails of users on social media, and how to avoid them yourself!
How Ad Blocking Software is Destroying The Global Economy
How the use of Ad blockers causes widespread economic damage to world economies and the internet itself.
Not Gaining Visibility on Google Plus? Here’s Why!
A comprehensive guide to Google Plus etiquette for new network users. Follow this guide to increase visibility and avoid potential pitfalls.
How to Build and Grow Google Plus Communities!
Learn how to create successful, engaging communities on Google Plus!
The Best Flash Games of all Time!
A Closer look at some of the best flash games ever created! These games truly made their mark on a vast internet audience.
How Modern Technology is Making us Lazy and Stupid! - PCTECHAUTHORITY
While technology can makes our lives simpler, it can also make us dumb! Does technology make us lazy, does it make us stupid?
Google Mass Censors Youtube - De-Monetizes Videos Over Sensitive Subjects
Mass censorship is sweeping across youtube as Google demonetizes content it deems non-advertiser friendly.
Mozilla Moves To Block Non-Essential Flash Content
Mozilla is moving to block Flash content in Firefox by default, following Google's earlier changes with Chrome.
Can You Automate Engagement on Social Media?
Aspiring Entrepreneur Davina Ngei dives into the pros and cons of social media automation.
Why The World Needs A New Social Network!
Is there room in the already crowded world of social media for a new social platform to emerge?
Guest Blogging Opportunities With Strategic Social News Wire
Open guest blogging opportunities with Strategic Social News Wire publication on Medium.
Google Plus Communities Get Spammed Hard With Fake Profiles!
How Google Plus communities are getting hardcore spammed with fake profiles!
Google Plus - The Champion of Social Networks!
Find out what makes the world's greatest social network Google Plus stand out from the crowd!
Tensions Boil Over Youtube's Content ID System and Fair Use
From fake copyright claims, to blatant disregard for fair use, Youtubers ask Google Where's The Fair Use?
E-Commerce Feels The Squeeze With USPS Rate Increases
Sellers of major E-Commerce platforms have much to be worried about with USPS proposed rate increases.
Why A Blogger's Opinion and Experience Matters
How sharing opinions, real world experiences, and enticing stories helps to grow blogs!
Building A Social Audience Vs. Organic Ranking
As social explodes, organic searches appear on the decline, while social traffic is on the rise. how will you adapt?
Tsu - The Social Network That Pays Users to Spam!
Tsu, the network that pays you to be social, or the network that pays you to spam?
Another Craptastic Google Plus Redesign Fail!
As if one epic redesign fail of Google Plus wasn't enough, here we go again!
Google Plus - A Driving Force in Social Media!
Find out how Google's interest based social network has now become a driving force in social media.
How Tech Giants Take Innovation in Technology Too Far!
From failed network redesigns, to useless operating systems, this is why innovation in IT has gone too far!
How Brand Pages Can Get Ahead on Facebook - Beating The Algorithmic Odds
Despite Facebook's tough new algorithms, brands can still gain an edge, and here we're going to show you how!
The Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make
A practical guide to help you avoid the biggest blogger mistakes, and put you on the fast track to blogging success!
Diversify Your Social Media Strategy - Create a Social Network!
Find out how creating your own custom social network can help to propel your brand on social media.
The Life and Death of The Internet Publisher - The War on Ad Block Plus
A closer look at the financial devastation that ad blocking programs cause to publishers on the web.
How We Built a Brand on Social Media - The Birth of Gamers Bay!
Building a brand online today is tough subject, but it can be done, and we're going to show you how!
Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work if You’re Not Responsive!
If you're posting and running on social media you've got another thing coming!
Why All IT Professionals Should Have Technical Certifications!
Technical Certifications Can Help to Prove Your Credibility in World of Skeptics!
Google+ and The Birth of The Social Media Broker
Find out how social properties on networks like Google+ present a whole new way of doing business on the web.
Linkedin – A Professional Joke!
Here's a few reasons why your linkedin profile really doesn't matter, fake endorsements and all!
Develop a Niche Site? Why Diversity Matters!
Should you develop a niche site, or implement more diversity in your online content?
A Few Ways to Monetize With Google Plus Communities - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Here we explore a few possible ways to monetize with Google Plus Communities!
The Social Media Wars – Google Gains Ground over Facebook!
Here we present a comparison between Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities, and the results are startling!
Sharethis Crashes, Shares Vanish, And A Look at Social Proof!
So much for social proof! social sharing platform Sharethis crashes, share counters go blank!
The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Find out why Affiliate Marketing isn't all its cracked up to be! A look at the pros and cons of affiliate marketing.
How to lose your Google+ circles quick and dirty - Or Not!
Sana Ahmed gives some good tips of what not to do on Google+ and social media.
Why Originality Matters When Publishing Content on the Web
Its originality that drives content on the web today. What are you doing different than everyone else?
A Few Possibilities For Google+ Communities!
Here's some cool ideas for the possible future of Google+ Communities!
Is Persado The Answer To Crappy Marketing Copy?
Persado, A cognitive content generation platform seeks to improve marketing performance thru emotionally charged copy!
Why Your Blogging Efforts Suck and What You Can Do To Fix It!
How to get creative with your blogging efforts and avoid writing another useless blog post!
Can You Really Make A Living With Adsense?
Is it really possible for bloggers and publishers to earn a living with Adsense?
Creating a Visual Experience and Not Just a Blog!
How creating a unique visual experience for your blog can have a major impact on your audience!
Fakes on Social Media - The Consequences of Doctoring Social Profiles!
A few reasons why you may want to think twice before lying on your social profiles!
The Dire State of Self Promotion on Social Media
While many professionals see a need to promote themselves online, many are going about it the whole wrong way!
Could Standardized Certifications Be The Answer To Bad SEO?
How technical certifications could be the answer for bad search engine optimization practices.
What Professional Marketers Can’t Do For Your Product, Service, or Content!
Pro marketers and social media specialists are great, but they can't do everything for you and here's why!
Why Paid Marketing and SEO Services Shouldn’t Be Your First Strategy
When it comes to marketing products and services online, your product matters more than marketing. Find out why?
The Evolution and History of Video Games
A Look at The History and Technological Accomplishments of Video Games Over Time.
Ranking on The Web in 2014
Ranking on the web in 2014 likely won't be easy, but here's a few strategies to get you rolling in the right direction.
Firefox Ditches Google - Names Yahoo as Default Search Provider!
Yahoo takes Google's spot as default search engine in Mozilla's Firefox!
Nintendo's Road to Nowhere!
From the threatening of its own fans, to a Wii U console that no one seems to want, Nintendo just can't seem to get things right.
Determining The Monetary Value of A Website - PCTECHAUTHORITY
A Look At The Practical Ways To Find The Monetary Value of A website. Overall Content and A Social Media Presence May Be Big Influencers
When it comes to Web Publishing, You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression!
Making a first impression with your website matters alot since you have only 5 seconds to prove your content worthy!
What Google should have learned from Digg!
Apparently Google didn't do their homework before redesigning their G+ platform.
Who's Winning the Social Media War?
In the war among the social media elite, the social giants Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter fight for their authority.
A Few Simple Ways to Monetize on Your Blog or Website!
Just a few simple ways to monetize on your blog, including which advertising options work, and which don't.
Embed Fonts in Your Webpages With the '@font-face' Rule
Learn how to embed specialized fonts in your web pages with the CSS3
Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?
After Google's extensive Algorithm Updates Many Believe Search Engine Optimization is Long Gone! Find Out Why This Simply Isn't True!
Want to Redesign Your Website? You Might Think Twice After Reading This!
Find out what some of the implications are for redesigning your website!
Daft Punk Tops UK Charts with Random Access Memories!
Daft Punk is back with Random Access Memories, including reviews, images, and videos!
Working With Adaptive Web Design Techniques
A full discussion about the various ways of applying the principals of adaptive web design techniques
What is Bandwidth - Why is it so misunderstood?
What is bandwidth anyway? Why do so many misunderstand the basic idea of what bandwidth is?
Why FarCry 2 Was A Total Failure!
Why FarCry 2 Was a Complete and Utter Failure. FC2 was the worst game ever made by Ubisoft!
Getting Out of The Google Sandbox!
Its been months since you published your website but things are slow going with Google, find out why?
Mobile Gaming Excels while HTML5 Replaces Flash!
Flash nears It's bitter end As HTML5 and mobile game App development take over!
Ranking Signals in 2013 Favor Large Publishers!
Looks like larger publishers get the upper hand in ranking in SERPS!
Is Mobile Marking the Death of the PC?
As the popularity of mobile devices rise PC sales continue to decline. Is it the end of the PC?
Strategic Social Networking Takes Online Marketing to the Next Level!
Learn about one of the worlds largest social media communities on the web today, and how it can make your job as an internet marketer better!
Trilobyte Games Announces The 7th Guest: 3
The iconic PC masterpiece The 7th Guest is set to make a comeback on Kickstarter in its third rendition!
Surefire Ways to Rank Poorly in Organic Search!
A few probable causes of poor ranking and penalties by search engines in organic search results.
To Make Crowdfunding Work You Need a Prototype!
Crowd funding isn't magic! Here's a few reaons why you need a prototype before launching your campaign.
learn-pc-networking21 pages
Free Computer Networking Tutorials
Learn The Basics of Computer Networking With Our Free Online Tutorials.
Introduction To The Hexadecimal Numeric System
Learn about the Hexadecimal numeric system - Converting between Hexadecimal and Decimal. Understanding base 16 Notation.
Introduction To Network Communications
A Practical Look At How Computers Communicate Over Networks.
Computer Networking - Intro To The OSI Reference Model
Learn about the 7 layers of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) reference model.
Computer Networking - Introduction To IP Addressing
Introduction To The Logical Aspects of IP Addressing. Learn About IPV4 and how IP addressing works.
How Network Address Translation Works!
Learn about network address translation and how internal networks function logically.
Network Communication Protocols - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Learn About Network Communication Protocols. Learn about TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, and More!
What is Project 802 and IEEE?
A brief Overview of Project 802 and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Computer Networking - Subnetting Explained
Learn All About Subnets and How they Can Help To Divide Up Network Resources Efficiently.
What is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol?
Learn How Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Makes The Network Connection Simple!
Understanding IPV6
Learn About Internet Protocol Version 6 and How it Looks To Shore Problems With IPV4.
802.11 Wireless Networking Protocols Explained
Learn About The 802.11 Wireless Networking Protocols - Also Known As Wi-Fi!
Introduction To The Binary Numeric System
Learn About the basics of the binary numeric system. How to convert from binary to decimal and decimal to binary.
Introduction To The Hexadecimal Numeric System - Part 2
Hexadecimal numeric system characterisitics. Making sense of the base 16 numeric system.
Introduction To Network Communications (Part 2)
A Practical Look at How Computers Communicate Over Networks, Including How Protocols Are Used Among Data Transmissions.
Computer Networking - Intro To The OSI Reference Model - Part 2
Continuing from part one of the intro to the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Model.
Computer Networking - Introduction To IP Addressing (Part 2)
Learn About Internet Protocol Classes and Dotted Decimal Notation.
Computer Networking - Subnetting Explained (Part 2)
How Subnetting Works! Learn How to Better Manage Computer Networks By Dividing up Network Resources.
Understanding IPV6 - (Part 2)
A Closer Look At The Major Differences Between IPV6 and IPV4
Introduction To The Binary Numeric System (Part 2)
Learn About The Characteristics of The Binary System. Conversions Between Base 10 and Base 2 Numeric systems.
Understanding IPV6 - (Part 3)
Practical Concepts with IPV6 - Working With Hexadecimal IP Addressing Schemes.
the-technology-behind-computers9 pages
Learn How Computers Work!
A comprehensive list of guides explaining the underpinnings of computer hardware!
How Computer Display Technologies Work!
Learn about the Technology Behind LCD, LED, and Mobile Devices. Learn How Display Technologies Work!
Understanding Computer Memory
A comprehensive guide to computer memory (RAM) and DDR Technology
How Computer Display Technologies Work - Part 2
Learn about PC monitors and their characteristics. Info about the various types of PC monitors and the technology thats used to make them work
Understanding Computer Memory - Part 2
Making sense of data rates with random access memory.
How Computer Display Technologies Work - Part 3
Learn about PC monitors and their characteristics. Info about the various types of PC monitors and the technology thats used to make them work
Understanding Computer Memory - Part 3
Understanding Computer Memory - Part 4
continuing from the last page with the specifics of Random Access Memory, including dual channel memory, etc.
Understanding Computer Memory - Part 5
windows-tutorials7 pages
Windows 7 & 8 Tutorials
Learn Windows From Our Detailed Tutorials. Fix Problems With Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating systems.
Boost Windows 7 Performance with the use of Solid State Technology
Increase Windows 7 Performance with the use of solid state technology using Super Fetch, Ready Boost, Ready Boot, and Ready Drive!
Dealing With Hard Disk Problems in Windows 7
How to deal with hard disk errors in Windows 7. Learn how self healing NTFS works to clean up hard disk problems automatically.
Dealing with a failed windows 7 operating system
Some simple tips to help get your failed Windows 7 Operating System Back up and Running!
Boost Windows 7 Performance with the use of Solid State Technology - Part 2
Making sense of super fetch and ready boost, as well as their set up and implementation.
Boost Windows 7 Performance with the use of Solid State Technology - Part 3
Making sense of Windows Ready Drive and Ready Boot features.
Boost Windows 7 Performance with the use of Solid State Technology - Part 4
Making sense of the role os Super Fetch in Windows 7, including technicalities.
online-game-arcade244 pages
Free Games Online - Play All Your Favorite Games!
Play tons of free games online! Play Retro games, action and adventure games, racing games, fighting games, classic games, and many more!
Featured Games - Watch and Play - PCTECHAUTHORITY!
Watch and play our featured online games! Check out video previews of our latest games!
Play Zombie Pinball - and More free games online!
Flash based Pinball game with Zombies! Smash the zombies as they rise from their tombstones!
Play Bow Master Halloween - Free Archery Game Online!
Hone your archery skills in this Halloween themed version of Bow Master online!
Play Zombie Karts - Go Kart Racing With Zombies!
A Go Kart Racing Game Similar to The Classic Mario Kart Games!
Play Retro Games Online - PCTECHAUTHORITY
It's retro games galore! Play all your favorite classic old school games online!
Free Racing Games Online - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Play tons of free online racing games, including old school and Unity 3D racing titles!
Play Fighting Games Online - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Play an action packed set of fighting games online! Including Pocket Fighter, the Hobo game series, and more!
Play Action & Adventure Games - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Play the greatest collection of action and adventure games online!
Halloween Games - Play free Halloween Games Online!
Play a frightening collection of Halloween Games Online!
Games For The Holidays - Play Your Favorite Holiday Themed Games!
Celebrate the Holidays with a wintery mix of entertaining games! Including Christmas themed games for the whole family!
Flash Game Previews! (Part 1)
View Previews from our Online Games Library! Choose From Our Wide Selection of Free Flash Games to Play.
Play Marvin Martian's Earthling Eliminator!
A Whack a Mole style game online staring Marvin The Martian and all your favorite Looney Tunes characters!
Turbo Rally - Offroad Racing Game!
It's an arcade inspired rally racing game online! Race throughout international raceways.
Sky Quest - Action Adventure RPG Game!
Take on the role of the lone warrior Conquest in his mission to take down the evil entity Wartrake in Sky Quest!
MotoCross Nitro - Dirt Bike Racing!
Play MotoCross Nitro - Blazing Dirt Bike Racing Fun! A Unity 3D Stunt Bike Racing Game!
Play Death Call - A Wild West Shooter!
Shoot Your Way Through The Wild West in This shooting gallery Game Online!
Gunbot - Run 'n Gun Arcade Shooter!
It's a run 'n gun, arcade themed shooter! Play as the precarious Gunbot, who's set out on a mission to destroy an alien infestation.
Play HOBO Heaven and More Funny Games Online!
Hobo, the worlds biggest bum finds himself not wanted at the gates of heaven in this hilarious adventure game online!
Hobo Space Brawls: Attack of the Hobo Clones!
Kidnapped by aliens Hobo must fight to regain his powers in an out of this world fighting game online.
Play Family Barn!
Grow Your Own Amazing Farm with Family Barn! Raise Your Own Livestock and Harvest Your Crops!
Play Pothead Zombies 2!
Pothead Zombies are back in another stoned adventure!
Zombie Smack Down - Halloween Game Online!
Smash the zombies as they emerge from their graves in Zombie Smack Down!
Play Motor Wars Unity 3D!
Motor Wars vehicular battle! Race and blast your enemies away in this online multiplayer unity 3D game!
Play Gangster vs Zombies 2
Its a Zombie Apocalypse! Smash your way through the hordes of zombies!
The Naked Alien - Flash Adventure Platformer Online!
The Naked Alien is an out of this world intergalactic adventure platformer online!
Cactus Mccoy 2 - The Ruins of Calavera
It's the 2nd adventure of Cactus Mccoy who seeks to find treasure in the Ruins of Calavera, and rescue the last of Volados!
TMNT - Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D!
A 3D Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fighting Game Online! Test your fighting skills on other ninja turtles!
Play Hobo Hell - Funny Flash Fighting Game!
Hobo's back in another funny, flash based fighting game online! This time Hobo fights his way through the gates of Hell!
Play Traffic Slam 3 - Hardcore Racing Demolition!
Tear Up Downtown Traffic With This High Speed Demolition Game!
Rally Point 3 - Turbo Racing!
Turbo Shockwave 3D Racing! Many other racing games to choose from!
Play OverTorque Stunt Racing
Fast Paced Stunt Racing Game. Burn Rubber in This Unity 3D Racing Game!
Original Pacman Online!
Play The original Pacman Online! Includes graphics, a brief history of Pacman, and links to more retro games, including the classic Ms Pacman game!
Off Road Velociraptor Safari!
Explore a lush prehistoric world, pulling stunts and mowing down dino's to score more points!
Crack Shot - Free Shooting Gallery Game!
A target shooting game similar to the classic Duck Hunt!
Play Grand Prix Go!
A Flash 3D Racing Game Online! Race Through Dozens of Challenging Tracks!
Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Dark Horizons
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in a fast paced 3D online game! Fight your way through the sewers as you favorite ninja turtle.
Offroaders - 4X4 Offroad Racing Game!
A 4x4 Offroad Racing Game Similar to the Original Super Offroad game From the 1980's.
Play Planet Smasher - A Modern Day Remake of The Classic Asteroids!
Planet Smasher is An Outerspace shooter themed on the original asteroids game.
Red Crucible 2 - Online Multiplayer Urban Warfare!
Online Multiplayer Urban Warefare! Battle Your Opponents with Tanks in a 3 Dimensional World!
Play Cactus Mccoy - Free Adventure Game Online!
Play as Cactus Mccoy who takes on a journey to find the lost Sacred Thorned Emerald.
Play Pirates of The Caribbean!
Play as Captain Jack in Pirates of The Caribbean, an action packed adventure game online. A world of fierce pirates awaits you!
Zombie Defense and More Zombie Games!
It's an arcade themed shooter with zombies! Battle against hordes of zombies from a fixed gunner!
Dungeon King - Classic Dungeon Crawler Online!
Play as a lone warrior set to unlock the mysteries of dread storm keep in this action packed dungeon crawler online!
Play Tequila Zombies
Fight off teh menacing zombies in this action packed adventure online!
Super Defence - Arcade Outer Space Shooter Online!
A side scrolling outer space shooter, play as a star ship taking on a galaxy of space invaders!
DJ Sheep Wolf Flash DJ Mixer - Make Cool Beats!
Make Cool Techno House Mixes and beats With This Flash Based DJ Mixer online!
Play Hobo - Funny Flash Based Fighting Game Online!
A Funny flash based fighting game online! Play as the worlds biggest bum who takes his anger out on the world!
Play Hobo Prison Brawl!
Hobo is back, this time the hilarious figure is fighting for his life against angry prison mobs!
Play Good Game Gangster - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Become A Leading Crime Boss and Battle Against Other Players World Wide!
Play Good Game Empire - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Build Your Own Empire in this Amazing RPG. Now Featuring Games From Good Game Studios!
Play Saloon Brawl - A Wild West Fighting Game Online
Take on a bar full of angry patrons in this wild west fighting game online!
Play Go Cart Nitro - Go Cart Racing!
A Funny Go Cart Racing Game With Animals. Fight Your Way To The Finish!
Play Hobo Total War and More Fighting Games!
The worlds funniest bum is back in Hobo Total War! This time Hobo takes on a military force in this latest fighting game!
Broforce - 16 Bit Themed Arcade Shooter!
Save your bro's and rescue hostages from the hands of terrorists in Broforce! A 16-bit themed arcade shooter!
Diseviled - Free Action-Adventure Platformer Online!
Demonic forces have take over a castle for which a Diseviled sorcerer must defeat in this free adventure game!
Baron's Door - Action-Adventure Platformer Online!
Battle a world of skeletal warriors in the castle of Baron's Door, a free action-adventure platformer online!
Super Rally 3D - Racing Game Online!
Rip through mud and tear around corners in Super Rally 3D, a realistic racing game online!
Street Racing 2 - Turbo Racing Game Online!
Hit your nitro and boost ahead of opponents in this incredibly challenging racing game online!
Wrath of the Titans - Unity 3D Game!
It's The Wrath of The Titans Game! Play as Andromeda or Perseus fighting till death to destroy the ancient titans!
Zombality - A Zombie Strategy Game Online!
Work your way through a house infested with zombies in this strategy based online game!
Ripple Dot Zero - Retro Themed Platformer Online!
A retro themed adventure game similar to the classic Sonic The Hedgehog games! Ripple Dot Zero features FM synthesis music and sound effects.
Rail Rush Worlds - Mine Cart Game Online!
It's mine cart madness with the latest Rail Rush worlds game! Race thru animated mines filled with treacherous obstacles.
Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling Game Online!
It's 3D bowling at its finest! Play on realistic alleys in this great bowling game online!
Super House of Dead Ninjas - Game and Review!
Play the game and take a closer look at Megadevs hack 'n slash game Super House of Dead Ninjas!
Play 300: Rise of an Empire Game Online!
300: Rise of an Empire - Seize Your Glory Online Game, based on the 2014 movie.
Daytraders of The Dead - 3D Zombie Shooter!
Its top-down, 3D zombie shooting madness in Daytraders of The Dead! Likely the greatest zombie shooter to ever hit the web!
Play Zombie Breakout & More Zmbie Games Online!
Take on a world infested with zombies, fighting as a weapons specialist sent to destroy the zombies!
Shadows of Mummies - Enter The Tomb of Terror!
Enter the dark Tomb of Ferro and take on a pyramid filled with terrifying mummies in this action packed adventure game!
After Sunset 2 - The Zombies are Coming!
Shoot down hordes of terrifying zombies in After Sunset 2! Defend your land from a zombie infestation!
Zombies in The Shadow!
Armed to the teeth with powerful weapons, take on a hunt to destroy the living dead in Zombies in The Shadow!
Zombie Stalker - Arcade Shooter Online!
A true arcade style shooter, take on swarms of zombies rising from their graves in Zombie Stalker!
Hobo VS. Zombies!
It's Hobo Vs. Zombies in this hilarious fighting game online!
Super Mario Bros Online - And More Retro Games!
Play Super Mario Bros! Featuring great 16-bit themed graphics just like the classic game!
Play Ms Pacman online!
Play Ms Pacman online! Now you can play the once iconic arcade game in all its glory!
Metal Slug Rampage 3 - Play All Your Favorite Flash Games!
Play Metal Slug Rampage 3. Based on the original Neo Geo Title!
Play Tetrix - A Modern Day Remake of The Classic Game Tetris
Play a Modern Day Remake of The Classic Puzzle Game Tetris! Tetrix brings the look and feel of the original game back to life.
Ghosts 'n Goblins - Play The Classic 80's Game!
Play Ghosts 'n Goblins! The 1980's classic game comes back from its grave!
Play Galaga Online!
A Remake Of The Original Galaga Classic Arcade Game! Be Sure To Check Out Our Other Retro Games!
Play Castlevania - Play A Remake of The Classic Game Online!
A Modern Day Remake of The Original Retro Title From The 1980's! A remake of Castlevania in all its retro glory!
Play Strikers 1945 Online!
Based on the original arcade shooter, Strikers 1945 was a classic in the arcades of the 1990's.
Play R-type Online
The retro classic remade in flash! Play all your favorite 80's games!
Super Mario Flash 4 - Play As Mario in This Action Packed Adventure!
Play as Mario in This Online Adventure Game based on the original NES classic from the 80's!/
Play Contra Online!
It's The Original Arcade Title Contra, Revamped For Online Play! Check Out Our Other Retro Games!
Play Three Kingdoms
Fight Your Way Through A War shaped in Medieval Times in this FLash Based Adventure.
Play Donkey Kong Online - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Play the original retro Donkey Kong Online! Featuring many other classic retro titles from the 80's!
Play Super Mario Castle - Mario Games For the Whole Family!
Play As Mario in a platform jumping adventure game online!
Metal Slug Brutal - Based on the Original Game Series!
Play Metal Slug Brutal, based on the original Neo Geo war game series!
Metal Slug - Military Rescue!
An adventurous war game based on the Metal Slug series. Battle from land, air, and vehicles!
Play Super Mario Crossover!
Play as your favorite retro characters in Super Mario Crossover Online!
Joust - Based on The Original Atari Game!
A Flash Remake of The Old School Atari Game Joust, playable online!
Play Quake Online - The Classic Quake Reborn in Flash!
Play through all 8 terrifying levels of the retro classic game Quake online! The PC masterpiece reborn in flash!
More Great Retro Games Online - Part 2
Part 2 of our online retro gaming library! Choose from our classic assortment of retro games!
Bow Master Japan - Realistic Archery Game Online!
Hone your archery skills on moving targets including dragons, in this graphically animated archery game online!
Boxing Bonanza - 3D Boxing Game Online!
Arcade style boxing at its finest in this compelling shockwave 3D boxing game!
Off Roaders 2 - 4x4 Off Road Racing Game!
Its a thrilling 4x4 Off Road dirt racing game similar to the classic arcade title Super Off Road!
Hard Rock Racing – Missiles Away!
Race through the city hitting checkpoints while blasting your enemies with rockets in Hard Rock Racing!
Play X Speed Race 2 – 3D Racing Game
Drive insanely fast cars at speeds of up to 350 miles per hour and put your driving skills to the test!
RC Mini Racers – RC Car Racing!
In this action packed carnage filled RC mini racer you have 2 options shoot your enemies with missiles or take them out with a landmine.
Diablo Valley Rally - Off Road Racing Game!
Its an extreme off road race in Diablo Valley Rally! Blast past your competition with speed or simply ram right through them
Play City Drifters 2!
High Speed 3D FLash Racing Game Online for Free! Choose Among Many Racing Games in Our Online Library.
Play Jungle Kart Island - Go Kart Racing Game Online!
A fun Go Kart racing game online! Race through dozens of cartoon like tracks!
Play Offroad Rage - Battle Racing Game Online
A Game Similar To Twisted Metal. Battle Your Enemies With Vehicle Mounted Weapons and Run Them Off The Road!
Play Maddog Race - Shockwave 3D Dog Sled Racing Game
A ShockWave 3D Game Featuring Dog Sledding. Race your dogs through snow burried mountains!
Desktop Racing 2!
A sequal to the original Desktop Racing game! All new tracks and obstacles in this racing adventure!
Rally Point Racing - A Unity 3D Game
Tear up The Tracks in This Unity 3D Based Racing Game Online! Rally Point Point racing features mesmerizing race tracks!
Spy Carts - Unity 3D Go Cart Racing Game
Spy Carts Battle Racing Online! Check Our Other Unity 3D Racing Arcade Games!
Play Desktop Racing - And More Racing Games Online!
Drive your car through a mess of obstacles on your desktop!
Racing Academy - 3D Racing Game Online!
Take on high speed Mobile 1 racing championships! Race with Go Karts and 3D Racers!
Age of Speed 2 - Shockwave 3D Racing Game!
Race upon a futuristic world in Age of Speed 2! Featuring 360 driving angles and awesome shockwave 3D graphics.
Wild Kart - Unity 3D Go Kart Racing!
Break around turns at high speed, in this fast racing go kart game!
Free Racing Games Online (Part 2) - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Part 2 of our racing games collection online!
Hong Kong Ninja - A Retro Themed Fighting Game Online!
Fight your way through the streets with an arsenal of weapons in this retro themed fighting game Online!
Dino Strike - A Retro Themed Fighting Game Online!
Play Dino Strike, a retro themed fighting game online! Fight off dinos and thugs in this action packed fighting adventure!
King of the Ring - 3D Boxing!
Smash your opponents with jabs, upper cuts, and special moves in this 3D boxing game online!
Karate King - And More Great Fighting Games Online!
An online 3D martial arts fighting game. Take on a mass of powerful ninjas!
Play Pocket Fighter - And More Fighting Games!
Play as your favorite Street Fighter character in this pocket fighter remake online!
Saloon Brawl 2 - Wild West Fighting Game Online!
Fight through saloons filled with angry cowboys in Saloon Brawl 2!
Play Hobo Wanted - And More Fighting Games Online!
Hobo Hits The Streets To Take On The Law in This Hilarious Fighting Game Online!
Play Super Brawl 3 - And More Fighting Games Online!
An online battle with your favorite cartoon characters in Super Brawl 3, including Raving Rabbids, The Ninja Turtles, and more!
Super Strike of Rage and More Fighting Games!
An 8-bit themed fighting game with an explosion of cool looking sprites and retro themed sound effects!
Dog Fight 2: The Great War!
A 360 degree world war 2 era, air assault game online! Take on 360 degree war plane battles in Dog Fight 2!
White Water Rafting 3D!
A realistic White water rafting shockwave 3D game! Fight the currents through raging river currents
Jets of War 3D!
Blast your opponents from the sky in this Unity 3D war simulator!
Bomber at War - Aerial Assault Game!
Take to the skies in a war plane bomber to defeat a massive military force in this aerial assault game online!
Unreal Flash 3 - Online Multiplayer Battle!
Battle your opponents with an arsenal of weapons in this unreal tournament knockoff!
Play RailRoad Rampage - Wild West Shooter!
Take on the role of a western bounty hunter in this Wild West shoot 'em up online!
Super Robot War - Mech Battle Game Online!
An online mech battle game inspired by the transformers, Super Robot War brings back the classic feel of the 90's arcade.
Pirate Hunter - Arcade Battle on the High Seas!
A true arcade style pirate adventure game online! Slash your way thru levels of pirate madness!
My Undead Neighbors 3 - In Search of El Dorado!
The adventures of MR Clumsy are back, this time in search of the lost city of El Dorado!
Madness Regent - An Alien Apocalypse Game Online!
It's battle of the martians in this alien shooter game online!
Codename Indigo - Based on the classic retro game Cabal!
Codename Indigo is a classic retro arcade game brought back to life!
War Copter - Air Assault 3D!
Its a 3D helicopter air assault game online! Take out enemy targets with gunners from the air!
Play Zombotron - An Alien vs. Zombie Apocalypse!
Escape an indescribable alien world field with infected zombies!
Action And Adventure Games (Part 2) - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Part 2 of our action & adventure games collection online! Featuring previews of all our online games.
Creepy Halloween Pong - And More Great Halloween Games!
A fun Halloween animated table tennis game online! Compete against a host of haunting characters.
Haunt The House - An Animated Halloween Game Online!
An Animated Halloween Adventure Game Online! Scare the life out of your guests to score more points!
Zombie Big Trouble - Zombie Game Online!
It's attack of the killer zombies in this Halloween themed Zombies game online! Take out hordes of vicious zombies in Zombie Big Trouble!
Angry Birds Halloween 2!
Play as your favorite Angry Bird characters in this Halloween strategy game online!
Jack Lantern - A Halloween Adventure Game Online!
Play as Jack and take on a haunted world filled with terrfying creatures in this Halloween adventure!
Dead Zed - Hold Out Against a Horde of Zombies!
The zombies are out in force in shooting game online!
Play Halloween Range!
Test your target shooting skills on Pumpkins in Halloween Range!
Play Evilgeddon Spooky Max!
A top-down Halloween shooter teaming with mummies, ghosts, werewolves, and other mysterious Halloween themed creatures!
Halloween Games - Part 2
More Halloween games online! Play all your favorite Halloween games online!
Winter Bow Master - A Holiday Themed Archery Game Online
Everyone's favorite archery game is back with a Holiday themed addition In Winter Bowmaster!
Deep Freeze - A Christmas Themed Strategy Game Online!
Fight off hoardes of not so merry enemies in this Christmas themed game online!
Santa Simulator - Christmas Game Online!
It's a Holiday game of skill! Players take on the role of Santa, where they test their skills delivering presents.
Santa's Christmas Adventure Game – Save The Holiday!
Play as Santa, smashing all the evil goblins in this Christmas themed adventure game online!
Play Christmas Squirrel - Holiday Game Online!
Embark on Christmas adventure playing as two cunning squirrels who must make it past monsters and traps to find their way thru each level of this great Holiday game!
Super Santa & The Christmas Minions!
It's an epic Christmas adventure game similar to the classic Mario Bros games! Pounce on enemy snowmen, gingerbread men, and other Christmas themed characters.
Star Pirate - Galactic Space Battle Game Online!
A galactic outer space battle game online! Blast your way thru the depths of space to taking out invading enemy spacecraft!
Formula Racer 2012 - High Speed Racing Game
Play the high speed racing game Formula Racer 2012 online.
Play Neon Race 2 - A 3D Flash Based Racing Game Online!
Neon Race 2, the Sequal To The Amazing 3D Flash Based Racing Title!/
Play Starmada - A Fast Paced OuterSpace Shooter!
A Fun, Faced Paced OuterSpace Online Game, Similar to Galaga
Play Mario Bros Online Free!
Play as The Iconic Mario Bros in This Flash Adventure Game Created in Flash.
Flash Game Previews! (Part 2)
Tons of Interactive Flash Games to Choose from. Play Lots of Free Arcade Games From Our Video Game Library.
Retro Shoot - Inspired By Galaga and Space Invaders
A modern day outerspace shooter with incredible 3D graphics! Similar to Space Invaders and Galaga.
Once in The Cave - An 8 Bit Themed Platformer Online!
An 8 bit themed adventure game featuring a wizard with upgradeable powers who battles evil orcs.
Frogger - Play The Atari Classic Online
Play the 1981 classic Atari game 'Frogger' online!
Snow Bros - The Classic Arcade Hit Reborn in Flash!
Play the 1990 classic arcade game Snow Bros, reborn in flash online!
Final Fight - Play The Classic Arcade Game Online
Play and read about the 1989 classic arcade game Final Fight! Featuring the full final fight flash game!
Play MegaMan Zero Flash!
Play as the protagonist adroid 'Zero' in this remake of the classic megaman series online!
Play Bow Master - A Medieval Archery Game Online!
Develop your archery and targeting skills in this medieval themed archery game online!
Coaster Racer - Flash Racing Game Online
It's Roller Coaster Racing Fun! Zip and wind thru crazy slopes and turns in your racer!
Turbo Racing 2 - And More Racing Games Online!
Turbo racing is back, with blazing fast tracks, faster cars, and better maneuverability!
Heat Rush USA - Arcade Racing Inspired by Turbo Outrun!
A turbo racing game inspired by the retro classic Turbo Outrun!
Coaster Racer 2 - Free Racing Game Online!
It's More Roller Coaster Racing Fun in Coaster Racer 2!
Jet Ski Racer 3D!
It's waves of fun in this Awesome Unity 3D, Jet Ski Racing Game Online!
Coaster Racer 3 - Flash Racing Game Online!
Its Roller Coaster Racing Madness in The Third Version of Coaster Racer Online!
Play Turbo Racing 3: Shanghai
Take to the streets in Turbo Racing 3! Featuring all new tracks, speed traps, and waves of oncoming traffic!
Club Nitro Racing - And More Racing Games Online!
Race through seriously challenging tracks in this arcade themed racing game online! From the makers of off roaders, and turbo rally racing.
Total Wreckage – Play Now & Get Wrecking!
Smash and crash into your opponents in this action packed, high octane crash car derby game!
Zombotron 2 - The Alien vs. Zombie Apocalypse is Back!
The infected zombies are out in force and more virulent than ever in this action packed game!
The Peace Keeper - A Fixed-Platform Shooter Online!
Fight through waves of futuristic warfare, restoring peace to civilation in Peace Keeper, an arcade shooter online!
Commando Rush - A Retro Themed War Game Online!
The best Commando war game yet! Its a retro inspired side scrolling shooter online. We have all the Commando Games!
Commando 2 - Free War Game Online!
A thrilling hack 'n slash war game online! Commando 2 is similar to the classic Metal Slug series.
Commando 3 - A Side Scrolling War Game Online!
The retro themed war game series Commando, is back in another side scrolling battle online!
Zombie Situation!
Hold off a horde of zombies using nine weapons, in this arcade style shooter!
Play An Egyptian Tale - And More Great Adventure Games Online!
Help a fierce egyptian princess fight to avenge the over throw of her fathers kingdom in this adventure game online!
Alien Attack Team - Run and Gun Shooter Online!
Take on a world of armed aliens in Alien Attack Team Online! Choose from several multiplayer game modes!
Action And Adventure Games(Part 3) - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Part 3 of our Action and Adventure games collection online!
Jacko in Hell - Halloween Strategy Game Online!
Immerse yourself in the terrifying underworld of Hell in this animated Halloween strategy game online!
Jacko in Hell 2 - Halloween Strategy Game Online!
Jacko is back in an even more terrifying Halloween adventure! Jacko in Hell 2 is more terrifying and features incredibly realistic graphics.
Play The Headless Zombie - And More Halloween Games!
A zombie themed strategy game consisting of 20 levels with skillfull yet haunting obstacles!
Haunted Halloween House - And More Halloween Games!
Go on the hunt for ghosts in this ghost buster themed Halloween game online!
Haunted Halloween Shooting Gallery!
A haunted house shooting gallery game filled with disappearing and reappearing Halloween characters.
Zombie Trapper 2 – Protect The Generator
Trap the zombies, slice and dice them or blow them up with grenades in this epic zombies game online!
Candy Magic - Halloween Shooter!
It's a Halloween themed side scrolling shooter! Play as a which who fires upon Halloween characters as she flies through the sky.
Sweet and Bad – Halloween Candy Game
Eat the candy and avoid the monsters in the Pacman themed Halloween game!
Hallows Revenge - Halloween Themed Vertical Shooter!
A cool Halloween themed vertical shooter! Take on swarms of laser firing skulls and pumpkin heads.
Mario Ghost House 2!
Play as Mario in this classic remake of Mario's Ghost House, a Halloween themed game online!
Zombies Vs. Vampires - Halloween Strategy Game!
It's Garlic shooting mayhem in this fun Halloween themed strategy game online!
Sonic Pinball!
Play Sonic the Hedghog Pinball. Choose From our Large Assortment of Pinball Games!
Legend of The Void - Online RPG
Play Legend of the Void - An Action Packed RPG Free Online!
Play Ultimate Force 3!
Fire upon terrorists in this flash based shooting gallery game online!
Play Trooper Assassin 2
Guard Your Space Station From Intruders in This Outerspace Shooting Rampage!
Ion Drift - Interstallar Flash Racing Game!
An Interstellar Flash Racing Game Online! Race your way through 3D like worlds!
Play Roman Poker!
A free online roman style poker game. Choose lots of free card games at PCTECHAUTHORITY!
Play Dinosaur Hunter - Free Adventure Game Online!
Have Fun in This Prehistoric Online Adventure! A game The Whole Family Will Love!
Play Trojan Hero - An Amazing Roman Battle!
A strategic Roman Fighting Game - Tons Of Free FLash Games!
Play Assembly and Battle - Inter-galactic Shooter Online!
Assembly and Battle - A flash Based inter-galactic shooter!
Metal Slug Zombies Return
A zombie survival game based on SNKs classic NEO GEO series Metal Slug!
Flash Game Previews! (Part 3)
Play Cool Games Online For Free. Featuring Unity 3D and Flash Based Arcade Games.
Play Metal Slug Run - Based on The SNK Classic Series!
Metal Slug Run is based onthe classic series of guns from SNK during the 90's!
Dog Fight Sim - War Pilot Simulation Game Online!
Dog fight sim, a free war pilot simulation game online.
Western Front 1914 - A Free War Game Online
Battle as a commander on the western front in this retro themed war game online!
Black Sun - An Epic Space Battle Game!
Defend your cargo ship from enemy space pirates in this epic 3D outerspace battle game online!
Rogan The Sword Master - And More Great Action & Adventure Games!
Play as Rogan Sword Master and take on 4 terrifying bosses in this action & adventure game online
Play Evil Darkness - An Arcade Inspired Shooter Online!
Behold a world full of evil creatures in this forward scrolling, arcade inspired shooter online!
Spell Storm - A Fantasy Arcade Shooter Online!
An action packed fantasy shooter similar to the classic arcade title Gauntlet!
Play Zombinsanity - And More Great Zombie Games Online
Take on a spaceship infested with fearless zombies in zombinsanity
Play Exit Through The Dungeon - And More Action and Adventure Games!
A Flash based First Person Shooter Online! Take on a dungeon full of pixelated zombies!
Action And Adventure Games - (Part 4)
Part 4 of our action and adventure game series! Adding great new online games each week!
Play Pirates Of The Unded Sea!
A Point and Click Pirate Adventure! Follow Captain Sam Black along this zombie-pirate game.
Play 7 Up Pinball!
It's the pinball game based on everyone's favorite soft drink soda, 7 Up!
Play Through The Wars - and more great fighting games!
Take on waves of zombies in this action packed flash fighting game online!
Play Wake Up The Box
A Game of Careful Strategy. Choose From Many Strategy Games in Our Online Games Library!
Flash Game Previews! (Part 4)
This is part 4 of our online arcade previews!
Play Samurai Ninja - And More Action & Adventure Games
Take on an evil master samurai in this side scrolling hack 'n slash adventure game online!
Guns of Anarchy – 3D Shooter!
Blast through your enemies with your trusty mini gun and annihilate them with your teddyboom, or use your specialty weapons for extra damage.
Tactical Force FPS
A first person rail shooter similar to the classic arcade game Lethal Enforcers!
Mechanical Commando 2: Burning Skies!
The awesome air assault game is back with Mechanical Commando 2: Burning Skies! Conquer the skies in this arcade themed shooter!
Toxie Radd - 360 Zombie Shooter Online!
A mad scientists experiments go horribly wrong, turning a prison into a zombie infestation in Toxie Radd, a challenging zombie shooter game online!
The Last of The Dinosaurs Game Online
A fast paced online shooter, fight to save the dinosaurs existence against a world of evil cats.
Stinger Mission - Zombie Shooter Online!
Fight to save the world from an evil organization that's used biological weapons to turn humans into zombies!
Stunt Pilot 2 - San Francisco!
Fly through obstacles in the air without crashing in this 3D flying game online!
Play Super Mario Halloween
Help Mario escape a world filled with terrifying creatures in this Halloween adventure game online!
Flash Game Previews! (Part 5)
Part 5 of our free online game previews!
Play Offroad Racing 3D
Monster Truck Offroad Racing Fun! Be Sure To Check Out Our Other Racing Games!
Play Alien Guard Online
A Fun Strategic Shooter and The First in Series of Popular Online Games!
Play Final Knockout - 3D Boxing Game!
Intense Online 3D Boxing Game! Be Sure To Check Out Our Other Sports Games.
Play Extreme Racing 2
A High Speed Online Racing Game! More Racing Games To Choose From!
Play Micromotors - Mini Truck Racing!
Its miniature car Racing Fun in Micromotors! Take A Ride Around Tracks Full Of Daunting Obstacles!
Play Obama VS Zombies
Play as Barack Obama and Fight Off The Horde Of Zombies!
StarFire - Flash Outerspace Shooter
Outerspace Flash Shooter Thats Similar to Galaga.
Flash Game Previews! (Part 6)
Play Tons of Shockwave 3D Games For Free Online! Check Out Our Unity Based Flash Games!
Flash Drive Racing- A Realistic ShockWave 3D Game Online!
Realistic 3D Racing Fun! Just One Game of Many in Our ShockWave 3D Game Arcade.
Panic At The Zoo! A ShockWave Flash Game
It's a Feeding Frenzy at The Zoo! Can You Keep Up With The Animals?
Unicraft - ShockWave 3D Hover Craft Intergalactic Battle!
Fly Your HoverCraft Through A virtual World Battling To Defend Your Bases!
Play Mars Explorer - An Outer Space Apocalyptic Adventure!
Explore the surface of Mars in this 3D outerspace game online!
Water Wars - 3D Hover Craft Racing Game
Rip thhrought the waves in this Unity 3D hover craft racing game online!
Play Soccer FK - Virtual Soccer Game Online!
Realistic ShockWave 3D Soccer Game! Be Sure To Check Out Our Other Sports Games!
Play 3D Chess Online
Online 3D Chess Game! Includes single and multiplayer modes.
Play Xenosquad - Turn Based Strategy RPG
A futuristic strategy based RPG game online! All the features you'd expect in a turn based strategy game.
gaming-news-and-reviews18 pages
Gaming News & Reviews - PCTECHAUTHORITY!
Gaming news and reviews presented by Gamers Bay and PCTECHAUTHORITY!
About Gamers Bay - Our Gaming Community!
Learn about Gamers Bay, our engaging community for gamers on Google Plus! Connect with thousands of other gamers online!
Chloe & The Professor – A New Animated Gaming Discussion Series!
An animated web based series that takes gaming discussion to a whole new level!
10 Awesome Zombie Games To Play Online!
Check out 10 frighteningly fun zombies games to play online!
4 Years of Gamers Bay - Building A Gaming News Empire!
Gamers Bay celebrates it's 4th year on the web as a gaming news organization!
10 Addictive Flash Games worth Playing
These ten incredibly addictive Flash games will have you playing for hours on end!
Microsoft E3 Highlights - The Future of XBOX!
A look at Microsoft's compelling E3 announcements for the future of the XBOX console!
How Flash Games Defined An Era - PCTECHAUTHORITY
How Flash games once dominated the web, and a closer look at their rise and fall from grace.
"Metal Jesus Rocks" Showcases Complete Original XBOX Collection!
MetalJesusRocks Showcases a Complete Original XBOX Collection with 884 Total Games!
Yahoo Games - Decades Old Iconic Gaming Platform to Close May 13th
Suffering from a lack of quality games, and other modern day factors, Yahoo Games to shut down!
Easy, It's Just A Game – Said No Raging Gamer Ever!
From the team killing troll, to the rage quitting loser, here's why online gaming isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Why Video Games Will Never Make People Violent!
Here's A few good reasons why video games will never make you violent!
How Home Gaming Consoles Killed The Iconic Arcade!
What happened to the iconic Arcade? Once the symbol of gaming integrity, what brought the classic Arcade to its knees?
The Mounting Problems with Flash and Mobile Games!
When it comes to mobile and browser based game development, developers have clearly fallen behind with the times!
Demon Gaze Review for Playstation Vita
Enter the world of Demon Gaze, a Journey through hostile dungeons full of secret passages and booby traps.
Trials Fusion Review for Playstation 4
Race through frozen wastelands, nuclear sites, space stations and deserts in the latest version of Trials Fusion on PS4!
Sengoku 3 – Reliving a Neo Geo Masterpiece!
An in depth review of SNK's classic arcade title Sengoku 3!
XBOX Games With Gold For December Announced - Get Thief, Van Helsing!
XBOX Games With Gold December 2015 Titles Announced! Get Thief and Van Helsing!
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Techno House Mixes - PCTECHAUTHORITY
Check Out Our Techno House Mixes. This Section is New To The Site and Is Sort of an Experiment For us.